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To provide quality dance instruction while balancing nurturing, coaching, and mentorship in a positive, judgement free safe space. 

iDANZ Performing Arts Studio was built on the strength of determination, family, diligence, and collective efforts.  Here at iDANZ we strive to create an environment where people can not only learn and grow in DANCE, but where they can create lasting memories and cultivate lifelong relationships.  The dance industry can be and will always be competitive.  Often times, that competitive environment can be witnessed INSIDE of the dance studio.  At iDANZ, we believe that healthy motivation is necessary to develop the culture that is needed to truly succeed.  With that being said, we pride ourselves on promoting unity, inclusion, and attentive leadership.  So many passionate dancers are often overlooked due to social status, and a lack of experience.  It is our mission to provide equal opportunities for growth and learning within the dance community.  No matter what your skill set, if the eagerness to learn and grown in performing arts is present, greatness will shine through even the most beginner dancer.  


iDANZ and it’s faculty pride ourselves on leading dancers on a successful dance journey.  We leave no dancer behind and make sure that our students feel rounded and accomplished.  Not only do we teach dance skill, but we encourage positive character and team building.  We truly have something for everyone, children to adults. 

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Camz Kidz
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“My goal with building iDANZ, is and has always been to create a family environment, free of in-house competition and rivalry, and full of love and encouragement.  I believe in patience and repetition, allowing even the most beginner dancer to explore their true potential.  Perfection is not the goal.  More so, a rounded experience with a foundation of healthy habits and memorable life experiences. I truly love what I do, which make my career so worth while.  With every dancer I meet, my aim is to leave them feeling confident and energized.”

- Camille Thompson 

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Did you know iDANZ was built BY HAND by the owner/Artistic director, Camille Thompson and a team of her family and close friends during the global pandemic COVID 19?  That's right! Camille and her crew knocked down walls, built dance rooms, laid flooring, and completely revamped that space in 2019!  This fun fact makes your experience here at iDANZ so much more valuable and meaningful.  We are so happy to share our DANZ HOME with you!  Welcome to iDANZ!