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iDANZ is proud to provide quality outsourced activities for preschools, after school facilities, and community programs. Contact us today to set up a trial class with one of our energetic team members!

This program is great for facilities that provide early education starting at age 2 as well as after school programs for elementary aged children. 

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Q: How long does the program last?
A: Our dance program is offered to the students year around.  It will not stop unless parent pulls the child or school discontinues the program.
Q: What is the duration of the dance classes?
Our dance classes are 40-45 minutes in length.  This time is perfect for young children as it is long enough to teach a solid lesson and short enough so they won't lose focus.  
Q: How many kids are in each class?
Student/teacher ratio is  important for learning.  We cap our classes at 15 students to ensure that each child receives the attention they need to retain the material.  If the class is greater than 15 there will be more than one instructor. 
Q: Is this class REALLY appropriate for kids age 2.5 and up?
Our instructors are hired based on their dance ability, experience with small children, patience, and ability to keep control of their class room.  We have trained our staff to implement positive reinforcement techniques that will encourage your child to want to participate rather that punish them for not catching on.  Our staff focuses on the strengths of the class as a whole. We engage the kids with colorful scarves, spots, ribbons, fun music, and activities that are easy to follow while also training them to grow to the next level.  We have seen kids start at 2 and progress as focused and engaged 4-5 year olds that are stage ready!  We are patient and kind, yet balance respect and discipline so that we can provide your child with a quality dance experience.
Q: What are the disciplinary measures taken if a child isn't following instructions?
Our staff starts with positive reinforcement such as stickers, fun activities at the end of class and praise to keep the kids engaged.  If there are any children refusing to cooperate, we provide ample warning an allow the child to self correct.  If this doe not work we ask the child to sit and not distract the other dancers.  From here we ask the child to be sent back to class and follow up with a note to the parents to inform them of the incident.  It is rare that we have to do this, but important we do not take away from the dance experience as a whole.  Most of the children are engaged and wanting to learn.  It is our job to harness that energy and provide a safe and fu environment for your little one!
Q: Are there performances for the kids to attend?
The best part about our program is that we offer two or more performance opportunities for the kids to show off what they have learned. We offer a WINTER REVUE which is held virtually to show off our winter fun!!!  They will learn a holiday themed routine to spread cheer to friends and family all over! The concert is offered virtually and the link will be available for everyone to join from the comforts of work or home for your convenience.  The Winter Revue is held during your child's dance time at the preschool.  Summer Revue (recital) is offered yearly in the summer.  All of our preschools are invited to perform at this concert IN PERSON at our chosen recital venue off campus from your preschool.
Q: What kinds of dance will the kids learn?
The kids will learn ALL FORMS OF DANCE. Including but not limited to, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Break Dancing, Bollywood, Latin, Afro, and more!!! We have created a curriculum for the kids to be well rounded and exposed to all forms of dance that they can show of at any family function or gathering!!!  You will receive a completed 12-16 month calendar  upon registration to our program.  This will also help you plan what attire/shoes to send your kiddo in on dance day for that week.  
Q: What do the kids wear on dance days?
We have provided a dance wear checklist to help provide guidance on what kids should wear on dance days.  It is of utmost importance that kids wear the suggested attire so that we can adequately instruct them in the different dance styles.  Please click the link below to access the DIGITAL order form for dance attire if you would like us to help in this area.  If not, please provide your dancer with the suggested attire as quickly as possible so they are able to participate in all of the dance styles.  Tap requires tap shoes.  Ballet requires ballet shoes.  Jazz can be done b barefoot however for performances we will ask them to have jazz slippers.  It is a good idea to have dance clothes under neath their street clothes on dance days to make prep for class easy and seamless.  girls can also wear leggings on dance days.  We love seeing them in leotards on ballet days.  Boys do not have to wear leotard or tights.  Boys can wear sweat joggers, athletic shorts and tee shirts or tanks.  Please no jeans as it constricts movement.  We encourage the kids to have a dance bag to keep everything organized.  Our DANZ SWAG BAGS are a fun attraction!!! 
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